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Dr. Dávid Karátson

Dr. Karátson Dávid

Position: professor, head of department

Location: Eötvös University, Lágymányos, South Block 1.304.
phone.: +36303722500/1810

Qualification: geography and biology MSc with specialization in geomorphology (Eötvös University, 1989)

Scientific degree: PhD (1995), Doctor of Science of Hungarian Academy, DSc (2008)

Research: Volcanological and volcanic geomorphological research on volcanoes of the Carpathians (mostly in the Börzsöny–Visegrád and Mátra Mts, East Carpathians), Italy, France, Greece, Japan, USA, Chile and Argentina.

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Dr. Tamás Telbisz

Dr. Telbisz Tamás

Position: assistant professor

Location: Eötvös University, Lágymányos, South Block 1.221.
phone: +36303722500/1803

Qualification: geography and mathematics MSc (Eötvös University, 1997)

Scientific degree: PhD (2004)

Research: Erosion of volcanoes (Central Andes, Arizona)

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Dr. Szabolcs Kósik

Kósik Szabolcs

Position: Research Assistant (currently at Massey University)

Location: Eötvös University, Lágymányos, South Block 1.218
phone: +36309798892
website: http://

Qualification: MSc in Geography (2006); MSc in Geology (2010)

Scientific degree: PhD (2018)

Research: Volcano-reconstruction of Colima Volcanic Complex, Mexico; Small-volume volcanism of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand; Morphology and morphometry of lava domes

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Barnabás Korbély

Korbély Barnabás

Position: Scientific consultant on geology and caves

Location: Balaton Upland National Park Directorate, 8229 Csopak, Kossuth u. 16, Hungary
phone: +3687555287

Qualification: geography and geography teacher MSc (Eötvös University, 2001)

Research: Nature conservation, specialization in geology, Volcanism of Bakony and Balaton Uplands, Bakony – Balaton Geopart Project, coordinating

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Emőke Fodor

Fodor Emőke

Position: PhD student

Location: Eötvös University, Lágymányos, South Block 1.220

Qualification: MSc (Eötvös University, 2010)

Research: Volcanic geomorphology and morphometry of scoria cones of Hungary and the Carpathians (Persányi Mts, Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field, Balaton Uplands etc.). Determining the structure, composition and micromorphology of soil particles and microaggregates (TÁMOP 4.2.1 subproject on material and life sciences)

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