Vulkanológiai kutatások...

BSc and MSc students doing their thesis on volcanology

Laura de Graaf

Laura de Graaf



Research topic: A 3600 éves Minoszi Tufa szöveti jellemzőinek makroszkópos vizsgála, Santorini, Görörgország
Supervisors: Dr. Dávid Karátson és Dr. Ralf Gertisser (University of Keele)


Tamás Bíró

Bíró Tamás

Education: Geography BSc

Location: e-mail:

Research topic: Studying volcanogenic sandstones of the Upper Eocene sediments of Buda Mountains, Hungary.
Supervisors: Dr. Dávid Karátson és Dr. Sándor Józsa

Description: Main purpose of the study is to reconstruct the volcanic processes of the Upper Eocene volcanic activity investigating the volcaniclastic sequences interbedded in the coeval Bryozoan Marl. Conclusions on transport and deposition of volcanogenic material are expected via microscope studies on thin sections and studies of heavy minerals